Sunday, 19 August 2012


In keeping with my promise, for this post I would like to introduce an indie artist and friend of mine, Jacob Moon.

I met Jacob during my time living in Waterloo, Canada. I had signed up for a workshop on using looping devices for performance and he was the one conducting it. To get into the details of looping and what I learned from him that session (of which I plan to do so in the near future) would warrant a whole post by itself if not two.

He is by far the most talented solo artist I've seen in my life, and I mean solo. By using the process of looping, he does everything by himself: drums, basslines, guitars, vocals, creating sounds of a full band.

Yet, amidst all that talent was a humble guy who was willing to answer all questions and share his life experiences and advice with the audience. Speaking alot through his songs, he enlightened the crowd about the inspirations behind his songs, mostly from life's lessons be it the anxiety of being a dad for the first time or going through a hard time in his life:
or by a sheer moment of musical inspiration and creativity.

Take for example his song 'Sara', is about a girl he met on a mission trip. Sara was one of the children in the village he was there to help:
Pictures and Sara's story can be seen here:

He did an incredible rendition or Rush's 'subdivisions'. Check out the video for a front row seat of his looping prowess:
Neil Peart of Rush was in fact so impressed by it that he invited Jacob to open for their show with it.

Jacob obviously has his own musical style but if I had to list mainstream similarities I would have to say his songwriting is comparable to that of Keith Urban who is probably my favourite artist of all time while his voice tends to remind me of Jon Bon Jovi at times. Or it could be the hair. So if you like the artists I mentioned, there's a good chance you would enjoy Jacob's works.

We eventually became friends and I caught an actual concert of his during my time there in the front row.

Kind of regret not having taken pictures with him to though, would have been nice to post here.

One of my aims of this blog is to hopefully establish a large enough fanbase for indie artists like Jacob Moon in Singapore and perhaps get him to come down for a showcase. Such talents should not be missed, even if we are on opposite ends of the world!

With that, I leave you all with a personal favourite, Jacob's rendition of a Peter Gabriel Classic:


  1. Thanks for sharing the Jacob Moon story, and the links to his music. I really enjoyed his version of Come Down and Talk To Me.

  2. You're most welcome, thanks for checking it out and I'm glad you like it. His talent is amazing and I think people would like his work if they heard it so it was an absolute pleasure to share it.