Sunday, 19 August 2012


This would mark my first experience at blogging, was never one to be familiar with internet networking such as blogs and extensive usage of social networking sites.

As far as diaries are concerned, I started keeping one approximately a year back to document my life for the purpose of hoping to derive inspiration in which i could draw upon to come up with material for song lyrics to complete my originals.

I'd like to think of myself as a music lover or enthusiast, someone with great passion for the performing arts, rather than a musician as I am still pretty far from accomplishing it as a profession. Any how, I have been playing for awhile now and have been hoping to start creating originals as an attempt at the next level.

I got this idea of keeping a diary for that from Gwen Stefani, famously known as the frontwoman of punk ska band No Doubt. They are releasing an album in September by the way, for those who are interested, its been a good many years since they did. Really hope to catch them live too, still really disappointed I missed their free concert in New York because of my flight change.

Anyway back to the issue, I have written a number of music, but could never come up with lyrics that did not sound cheesy or lame. I read Gwen's biography and she mentioned facing writer's block before. She then kept a journal while on tour in which she revisited to write a whole album worth of songs. No doubt's possibly most famous song "Don't Speak" was actually a manifestation of Gwen's heartbreak following her failed relationship with fellow bandmate Tony, who is still the bassist of the band. Doubt I can fully express the irony.

Well thats my history involving anything remotely to keeping a diary. For this blog, in an attempt of creating a long lived one, I hope to establish a portal for people of similar interests where i can share my experiences and useful facts. I apologize if i am not ready to share personal and private accounts online for others to see. By no means am i judging but its funny how in the past, breach of a diary was the subject of many quarrels among friends and siblings but today, the more "breaches" the better. Irony. 

Well I guess I'm more of an old school kind of guy.

Believe it or not, when I started this post, my title was: "First Post". I was planning just an introductory post since I was initially apprehensive about posting something public but its weird how it started to feel therapeutic and one thing led to another and I started rambling on about one of my musical idols. Irony.

Stay tuned for my versions of interests related discussions. Admittedly I viewed the blogs of others like Eunice's and she mentioned being a Norah Jones fan. I got to catch her live so perhaps I'll probably do a concert review here. Also read in Brad's blog about his experience with a Japanese song (I think). Had a similar experience, maybe I'll share about that.

Hmm... I might have just openly declared a future attempt to rip off someone on a public post, the one thing you should never do on a public domain. That's why I was apprehensive! Irony.

Peace out.


  1. Hendrix reborn, eh? You'd better be careful about invoking a rock god in your first post, Renick, though I admire your gutsiness.

    In any case, thank you for already approaching the blog assignment with such gusto! (I can see I will be spending lots of late nights reading posts this term!) I certainly appreciate your effort, and it's good to learn about your music interests and aspirations.

    And so you like Gwen Stefani. I have to admit she is a musician/singer I know zilch about. But when you play music, what do you perform, generally? Your own stuff or covers? (I was in a band for many years, and wrote a bit of music....but that's not for me to discuss in your post!)

    In any case, I look forward to getting to know more about you and your other interests! Thanks, Renick!

    1. Hi Brad,I apologize for the late reply, just learnt about viewing comments on the blog. Thanks for expressing interests in my topics.

      Yes! Jimi Hendrix is probably one of my greatest guitar heroes, though unfortunate to have left us early in his life along with the other great 27s like Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain. Just like the idea of their music being carried on as something tangible physically and a new form of life for the artists. Hence the blog name.

      About Gwen Stefani you should really check out No Doubt, which is the band shes better known for:
      They were a huge in the 90s before they took a hiatus.

      For me I've been doing events or pubs mostly so people generally want top 40's covers. I've written some stuff but never performed them before. I'm really interested in knowing about your experiences in the band and your music though, so feel free discuss them here haha!

      Thanks again!