Sunday, 11 November 2012

Post #5


This is probably the area I have learnt the most from. Indeed one will never ever feel completely prepared but the thing though is to maintain control over your preparation. Indeed less is more. It was always apparent only through the various consultations with Brad or feedback received that I had a persistent problem of trying to cover as much ground as possible: address multiple problems and try to link them; come up with as many solutions as possible and try to connect them to one problem hoping that all are relevant. As such much of the material prepared had to be discarded (too much content, lack of focus – potentially confusing etc.)

Large portions of my speech had to be constantly altered or discarded as well. In fact the main body of the final speech I presented was drawn up the night before after realizing the irrelevance of the previous drafts. The team agreed that while it was less comprehensive, it was definitely more focused and easier to follow.


Could probably better familiarize myself with use of technology: slides probably still had the most words; was probably the only person to use the primitive whiteboard in place of animations, weird positioning of the whiteboard etc. I was however comfortable in presenting information through a balanced mix of memorisation and improvisation thus not having to over-rely on either. Perhaps I could use more impactful pictorials strategically fitted to phrases in future.


  1. Hi Renick !

    To me, you perform well! Indeed, I had the feeling that you know really the topic and that you were really involved in what you said. My opinion is that is the most important. You seemed to be very comfortable with your speech, that is a good point. Try to keep this attitude (but do not be too relax)!

    Your main problem was your use of the whiteboard. It was really difficult to see what you wrote and personally I think that it was a little bit difficult to understand this part of your speech. If you had use slides with animations, I am sure that it would have been very effective! So, do this the next time and your presentation will be really good!

    All the best for your future presentations and exams.



  2. Hi Maxime,

    Thanks alot for your comment. Yep still got alot to learn about powerpoint so yea. And also because that part was decided just the night before so I didnt have time to try to make a proper ppt for that. Thanks again for your feedback anyway, all the best for your finals too.


  3. Hi Renick!

    Overall, I felt that you were very confident with your topic and delivered your message really well during the presentation. You did not appear to have any nerves while presenting, perhaps due to your familiarity and strong feelings towards the need to provide the disabled with better public transport facilities. Moreover, your voice projection and pace was comfortable and exuded confidence. It was very easy to pick up what you were presenting.

    I felt that it was refreshing to see you use the whiteboard during the oral presentation. The practice of using whiteboard/blackboard in presentations has become obsolete through the years and it is really rare to see someone actually writing/drawing during a presentation. I reminisce the good old times when our primary school teachers taught us everything with chalk and board...Nevertheless, the mind map and abbreviations you had written on the board helped me to focus on your group's main reasons in improving the local transport infrastructure.

    If you would like to make your presentation innovative and stand out from the rest, you may consider drafting your ideas into lyrics, and sing it to the audience while strumming your guitar. This could be a good way to combine your passion in music and helping the disabled. Not only can it raise awareness in the problems faced by the disabled when they take public transport effectively, it would also be greatly entertaining to the audience as well!

    Lin Rui

  4. Hi Lin Rui,

    Thanks for your compliments. I share your sentiments with respect to the use of the whiteboard and I am glad that you feel that way.

    Music? Yeah perhaps I'll try that one day in a fitting manner. I once did an announcement that way.